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tv   Simulcast of the Hugh Hewitt Show  CSPAN  November 2, 2016 10:05pm-11:02pm EDT

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>> we have talked to so often but these numbers just a few days before the election surprise you or are they typical? >> it doesn't have a surprise because he had a steady lead in the campaign and trump has struggled to unify the party so what has at the same time there are built-in advantages especially in the battleground states where they show her a leading as well as where she has the stronger traditional ground game. >> polling director for the washington post his work is available on-line washington post it, right now the national campaign is essentially a dead heat between the public --
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democratic and republican nominees ♪ >> host: we do not get had anybody in custody of their murder ambush style attack from the des moines, iowa this morning i will bring that to you as we get that i will see peak to speaker wright and i am sorry to do share with a terrible story that is all too often that police officers or the target. >> good morning. we all will get to that this
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morning it is absolute awful ambush in des moines, iowa everybody just needs to say a prayer if you see a police officer were ever you are in this country just give them some reassurance because every officer is thinking about this. >> host: i travelled the country campaigning with donald trump and to always remind people when bad things have been cop's russian with orlando the cops rush in in new york they rushed to the scene get there are these disease to mine so what has happened quite super probably not even alive in 68 but this is like the type machine. >> a do remember hearing from older folks like yourself. [laughter] >> i didn't think that gotti [laughter]
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society has to heal itself. those of us who care which is the vast vast majority of americans need to do something about this to express what enforcement overtly and clearly to get our communities to stop. nothing like peer pressure and we have to make sure people respect what law-enforcement does. these people called their kids and kiss their spouse then go off to serve and protect us. for somebody to ambush the entire thought process for these men and women is unconscionable. this pattern is developing a that was random mentally ill is one thing but people consciously going out to do this to society doing it to our culture and all hold motion of keeping peace and
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that is why we have a lot of work to do for our communities. >> host: said on know if you have seen the videotapes and don't know if they are accurate but the clinton affiliated officials resigned but they are on tape to orchestrating violence at the trump brawley's. i am appalled but i am asked will there be violence quicks idol think there will be anywhere but these democratic operatives i just wonder how corrosive has it become? your mentor out there knocking down big ideas with the big debates it is about how to afford not orchestrate violence. >> qc those radicals to be deployed to justify the yen's justify the means and politics is practiced with 21st century technology.
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>> host: let's go to policy. donald trump promised yesterday that he will hold a special session to repeal obamacare and replace the premiums and north carolina 85% of individual participants went up 24% after 30 percent hike this year the benchmark plan 145% the average increase in pennsylvania is 60 percent if it is a massive failure hitting people right in the checkbook the way they provide for families so what would you do when you come in and donald trump plaza special session? >> we are ready. pdf we have the sixth point plan of showing what we can show i did early vote for our nominee for donald and
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my senator ron johnson and obviously for congress to keep a unified republican government that is only unified that can get you the replacement for obamacare. the actuaries college a death spiral if you go to you will see the full scale replacement plan patients center health care with more competition gamble where prices you can get what your family needs to make free-market competition to keep providers accountable instead of the government monopoly. kaiser tells us almost one-third of the counties have only one choice that isn't a choice it is a monopoly c. predictably have the massive price increases so the losses in is failing it is called the death spiral.
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here is what we proved this year already. people don't remember despite house republicans put a bill on obama desk for reconciliation to put the repeal bill on his desk along with funding for planned parenthood. clearly he vetoed that but what we demonstrated is the simple majorities that we have we can put these on his desk so imagine if we have a republican president this is what donald trump is talking about. special session we have already proven this year with a republican house and senate we can have the special session we can be peeled and replace obamacare. it isn't a vague promise but clearly in action plan that we have if you want to look at what it looks like go to >> if hillary clinton wins
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the you probably don't remember impeachment very well. is a nightmare for the country. she is under tell fbi investigations with that will street journal story that they had to face down the department of justice to shut down the clinton foundation for the e-mail investigation now you're looking at a nightmare. >> think about this. this is what i tell the young people who did not experience the 90s like we did. this is what life is like with the clintons. there's always a scandal and investigation you never know what will happen next. they live above the rules outside the rules and work this system to help clinton inc.. this is what they do. this is not a one of the event but a consistent pattern of behavior over a lifetime of the clintons in office so why would we want
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to go through that again? she is under investigation right now do we really want to knowingly have a person come into the warehouse automatically under suspicion are under investigation? by the way what she says is not to replace obamacare like we are offering she says i want a public auction . we are experiencing is government run health care she wants more of the same which is obviously we would never do when republican congress but we have of president wanting socialized medicine and the congress refusing anti-american people standing in the middle that is why we have to have a unified government. the media likes to play at our differences more than they are. go to the nominee we're all on the same page. to secure the border in rebuild the military the
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agenda to scrap the tax code and start over with a simple system that families can fill them out on a postcard 1.7 million new jobs and the agenda to restore the constitution all of the rules and regulations by unelected bureaucrats that is hell you restore the separation of power and self government in this country. with the agenda we're all unified which is what we try to offer the country but can only be delivered with the unified republican government i will spend the last four days with the johnson crisscrossing wisconsin to a explain to those citizens in my state unified republican government can get you all of these things. eighty-two, home and vote turnout that is why we are out there. >> host: last question
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people are asking this if director call me cannot exonerate her because of the classification nature that takes too long. but he might find the smoking gun does he have the obligation to tell the american people? >> i understand why he did what he did so a imagine if he didn't and we found out after the fact i clearly understand why but hillary clinton has nobody to blame but yourself she and republicans say that if you have something cleared put it out there. the is going to the process he needs to and he has got it i do agree more disclosure is better clearly >> host: speaker wright and t - - good luck in your efforts with the house republican majority and donald trump in the white house.
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t11 t11. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> trump is one state away they gave in utah and nevada and north carolina. that is what has moved real clear politics no tossups arizona and nevada north carolina are now given to trump based on the recent polling. he is in new hampshire.
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>> host: i cannot log on right here. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> host: welcome back to t11 with the morning update hillis is stable market opening across the board with the events and des moines, iowa the hero is climbing a little against the dollar bets if you are not yet subscribed to those free editorials of profits you can also have the safe market plan doc, that allow issue to trade a safe and secure and comfortably. trading involves the risk
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but save market is a pretty good way to learn how to go about it with a few extra dollars every month to your portfolio note emotion driven in trader you cannot be emotional and make money. and learn generally about the market's whether precious metals or commodities options or futures or the dow and s&p or with everyone to learn profits before you go to do with. up date out of des moines, iowa. did when public schools -- t6 are close there is a killer on the loose that murdered to a policemen in their cars this morning they have not confirmed but everybody is on alert you are not going to school this morning. get the word out stay at home and be safe the police
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will find and apprehend the killer before he kills again and as paul ryan said say a prayer for all police to thank them today clearly they have targets on their back because of the rhetoric and the country. the tactics are back creating havoc everywhere you go. coming up after the break i will meet with dana perino in the meantime let's talk to justice from georgia. i forgot to tell you aaa -- sorry i did not need to do that connecting you to sierra of pacific mortgage the tenth largest residential mortgage markets
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because breck said brought down the 10 year bond sold mortgage rates fell the very best people through the business from soup to nuts. 888-888-1172 he will get you the right one. indian don't have any money to be made to us to the paper work he does not need your money. but he will take care of p.o. ask a question do i need to do this? 888-888-1172 ask todd and andrew for their help. after the break dana perino will be with me to update with their real clear politics map now donald trump is up this is the closest he has been to the magic number to mid-70s they give and utah utah
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republicans are figuring out they don't want hillary. we indicted president is not any thing anybody wants. but we are looking at that. is a real possibility. if you don't want that to happen and you have to get on board to vote for donald trump speaker wright which is talking out that united republican government the only way to get rid of obamacare that this feeling you're families. class night and this nbc was trying to get the democrats in arizona after they were clobbered 145% premium hike 145%. senator toomey was on earlier 50 percent hike. fifty% with the cost of health care in pennsylvania. north carolina they are down
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at one plant 85% of the state that has increased 24% over a 30 percent increase last year. obamacare is completely failed america if you want change then go down the ticket you have to be done as a rock to vote for the democrats. we will be delayed with dana perino when we return. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> host: america and i and hugh hewitt you are listening to "the hugh hewitt show" also sees bantu is here today on a grim warning with the assassination of two police officers in t6 dominating the news of delays gives the say breath of fresh air. dana perino of a brand new best seller let me tell you about jasper if i'm holding
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it up for our c-span audience it is good to have you. >> i am glad to be daft fight and still so glad your show moved to the morning is the something to listen to. >> host: this is a happy book. let me tell you about jasper we have been talking about grips' news all day then be will come back. i did not realize he was second and tell i read the book. >> good. banks for reading the book. henry was my first i had him when i was in and scotland then i moved to san diego then after 9/11 90 back to washington to work with the justice department henry came with us then to york so between the ages of 26 and 40 when he died my life changed so much he was such chaconne stint.
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i write about his last days with us. >> host: very sad and a touching. >> it is something we all have been, if you have a dog of course the humans out to live seven charles once asked me why do we do this to ourselves because the grief is so overwhelming that was replaced with joy by a new dog jasper. >> host: know the look of the dog know the breed but i did not know they got gray hair. like i do and that was a revelation to other dogs do that quite spinet they do very early but you are lucky you have a beautiful head of hair. >> some people have solver that don't turn out so great you are perfect. >> tell us about the pictures the book is a big hit because of the pictures.
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they just love this. >> may get kelly told me the other night that surprised me that ursine takes the of book that i gave to their family to bed every night because he loves to look at the pictures. >> host: and is a hit. >> it is a work of modern art to be so bold. i met the guy on twitter he wants to remain anonymous he does not seek attention. self-taught in photoshop and just by chance for in a half years ago when started to talk about jasper on "the five" and they would make fun of me then in twitter i would see pictures of my dog photoshop with the news of the day or historical evens jasper as george washington washington, playing baseball at the world series and we decided to collaborate on of project that was a welcome
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distraction during the election and hope gives people to weigh. >> the indians have been my destruction l. broker is wearing in indians jersey today i hope you're on this side. >> i know that and he is wrong axelrod has been on every day since the series began spreading bad karma. >> what does that portend for that presidential election quick. >> are you with the indians quick. >> sure. >> that is the right answer. >> if you watch the fight you know, that my sports knowledge is lacking. >> don't let w. >> we make field goals and touchdowns. >> i just had speaker ryan
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you know, of the intensity to find this a smoking gun what you think? and don't think they can exonerate you know, how but i think they need to put that out there. >> i do. i worked at the justice department 10 months before it went to the white house so behind the scenes and will tell you what is happening for those communications people and they have to answer to the press and i imagine and the lawyers and investigators are being extremely cautious because they think what constitutes a smoking gun to you? how would you define that? >> anything with the same
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impact on the clintons' political as said june 23rd tape recording in the office. that is a smoking gun. >> you would agree on that the that the justice department and fbi you can imagine they have that argument what that would be. >> host: paul ryan said more transparency with hillary clinton and hope that is coming forward as a veteran of department of justice you read stories good reporters will bury something. >> please go to the last paragraph. he put in their the deputy director immediately named justice said are you asking me to shut down incredible investigation that was the exact terms of words that he used that was a verify
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predicate is what he said. were you shocked that they were trying to get him to shut that down just weeks ago greg. >> i do think there is a leave their but of course, with the media being what it is today it was a story by the end of the day because we talked about on "the five" i am not totally surprised but only because i ran into the former attorney general for judge w. bush in the hallway. just looking at his perspective for the protocols, and then you also read the wall street journal yesterday said the attorney general should have backed away completely or had the courage of per convictions to not send a leader of -- a letter and did neither.
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>> host: that means there is the attempted cover-up with two independent investigations to the american people understand there are two in your opinion or did they think it is one great big clinton corruption quick. >> probably the latter and paul ryan was on the show half an hour ago explaining what it was like to live through the '90s with the clintons and the scandals. for ideas think overall anything clinton's you may think scandals with ford association. but three weeks ago usa today had a report that said americans top-10 fears overall. it was not national security or terrorism are not even an economic collapse butted government corruption was number one. you can see that with the
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tightening of the polls. >> whitewater monica lansky lansky, at the puerto rican terrorist, monica lubin skis. >> but with marc rich yesterday's the fbi all of a sudden release this? i know why because taking a shot at eric holder that was the pardon attorney for bill clinton. >> eric holder let that pardon go through. and that does make sense. i read somewhere that he 20 will be favored in any showdown and knows how to work get. obviously you will hear
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everything that i can hear. in just plummeting. >> eight think they think structurally they are in a good spot of her closing argument was not that strong to be kind. yesterday i think donald trump did the right thing to focus on obamacare. which is fine. >> that is all they we're doing was to try to make him go yosimite sam. >> for the first time he did not. and then with new ads in mexico colorado michigan she has not run any the cycle now four days inch -- left? >> where they going?
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and then to know that he has to change the map a little bit. unjust to support the campaign. and then to take back. and then to make a play in michigan. >> host: there are eight races in hampshire, north carolina, missouri, nevada carolina, missouri, nevada, indiana, ohio and florida. held many do you think republicans louis ?
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spec at don't think they can hold onto the ball late think as a surprise to the democrats tian will win in indiana. but i do wonder about the misery. tromping is way up like 13 points. >> jim tells me the operation is so deep into the weeds. i am not the dog person because i have allergies but everybody mark, you sell these books are you surprised? >> it gives me a lot of joy is a departure from anything i have ever done always been in politics or media to have an opportunity to write about one of the great loves
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of my life. dogs bring people together all walks of life but also made my marriage stronger and what i ungrateful for. >> congratulations is in bookstores everywhere. >> weather for years before to get bent down and move around.
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>> the update from t6 as suspect this identified it appears the of bulls have rattled the of vehicles of the police officers terrific and the horrific story from aa and iowa
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>> >> all of these games start and military time that 1908.
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[laughter] >> this story tomorrow the story of jason putting in ashley art of chicago fans he is the key. but he just fought hard. in the great story line with the home run. in this game but his presence but yet know what made a difference. >> an unbelievably bad play. to be a center field and to
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be responsible. >> everything was gone crazy bev my neighbors heard me screaming. that is exactly what happened to the cubs 108 years. >> they talk about how we don't have the pitching or half of your payroll you know, this is your role in a life. and then to say at that you're going to say my role in life is a democrat. [laughter] to say yes you shed be doing that but chicago will not be the same ethnic cubs win. >> but about the fan who said if the cubs win what do
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i have to live for? there is a little bit of that. i have to process that what if they do? changes everything they will never be the lovable losers. >> i am here to assure you that i hope king james comes out. >> to assure me of the indians. [laughter] and had to be retrospect. let them play and review tomorrow we will see where we are at. >> looking forward to it. have a low-grade rest of the day. enjoy that. it will be a wonderful morning. talking to you from new york city. david axelrod.
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c-span to as thanks for being here. everybody at the end down the line on the next show. ♪ ♪ ♪ xx can listen every morning down muddy at the analysis and late breaking news. whether it is tragic for the perspective. follow me on twitter or on facebook and state to die
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think mike gallagher will be broadcasting. i think there is another one out there. that don't think he will vote for hillary. you know that they screw do they absolutely scared you the dnc was a rage. if you are a bernie sanders supporter if you cannot vote for trump but they screwed your guy it was made to the start vote for jill stalling. thanks for watching.
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. .
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the mission was peac machine wah the times. our job was to project a credible threat, to be here every day demonstrating even if they launched a surprise first strike against us we would be able to ride that out and retaliate quickly and with enough force that we would devastate the soviet union if they have launched their missiles first. >> then we will take you to tucson named after the cactus native to its environment. the c-span city tour of tucson
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arizona saturday at 6 p.m. eastern on c-span2 book tv and on american history tv on c-span three. working with our cable affiliates and affiliates across the country. we talked to historian julian zelizer about the campaign, the legal fight that followed and how it relates to 2016. this is 45 minutes. >> host: julian zelizer with princeton university, history and public affairs professor and the author of the book the fierce urgency of now. thanks for joining us this morning. >> during this campaign at some point raised the specter of wha happened between george w. bush and al gore.


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